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Subject: :: THE BAR welcome :: leave yo
Replies: 21 Views: 4788

toddster 7/12/2006 - 9:00:27
the url to the image is also shown in a box below the image on the page just before you download it.
hi there why not leave ya mark .....go on you know you want to grin.GIF *

p_sample 7/12/2006 - 10:12:56
Oh go on then if i must. MY MARK! Btw why can't i upload pics yet? My phone and network both support it or is it a prodigits problem not yet sorted? *

notech 7/15/2006 - 12:44:13
Scraaaaatch. . . . I was ere on de 07/15/06 not drunk,, but. . . . smoke.GIF Lololol *

madgirlx 8/18/2006 - 10:28:47
0kay u twisted my arm.. Im g0na leave my mark. ( Y ) lol *

toddster 8/21/2006 - 6:33:38
Think its a digits problem the uploading thing some cant even download either, thats why the beta tag is still on it which means its being built as we speak, ive started a which phones work on digits topic in my noises group please go add your comments so twilight can use the info, & hi to all the new comers thanks again for joining cheers.GIF *

lyudmila 9/14/2006 - 11:50:09
Leaves my mark morning all Mila woz here x *

geoneil 9/21/2006 - 12:08:41
ok if i must... HEY EVERYBODY!!!!! *

hanzoxt 10/29/2006 - 3:58:43
mystical.GIF the mystical one. *

el.mo 1/8/2007 - 10:11:03
wave.GIF Hi every1. Boy im thirsty. Searches 4 the rum then c*ke. Then mixes a drink afta findin a clean glass. cheers.GIF. Signs wth a can of red spray paint. El.mo was here. *

advent17 5/29/2007 - 4:36:51
Hi everybody. I visited here. Had a shooter and luked around. *

eagleden 9/9/2007 - 5:06:31
Hi ya'll. Swooping thru just 2 c wat's up. Can't get replies on some groups. (clapping3) *

zariah1 9/14/2007 - 3:07:54
Hiya everyone! Just wanted 2 leave my mark too! *waves and blows a kiss to all the party people* *

oulikcat 27.02.08 - 10:18am
yo ppl, jst wanna inform ya dat da mst gorgeous cat in da wrld wuz sneakin around t0wn, so ya im decidin 2 leave my sacred mark * takez paw n digz it in 2 ma arm n takez da blood paw n STAMPZ ur regista n wall* ok job complete, nw m on ma way! tc awl mwa bye! *

victori5 6.12.08 - 10:35pm
hiya ppl nice to meat all of you nice time i wish to all *

chickx 9.12.08 - 05:22am
Well i mite as well I WOZ ERE chic mwah gigglez.GIF *

manchesr 20.12.08 - 06:54pm
I'm after some themes for a samsung d900 any help would be great. Ta. I've had a look through files but don't say which phone works with whatever *

oubaas 31.12.08 - 08:24am
And I was here too. More cliparts at my OUBAAS group. *

peggi 22.01.09 - 02:07pm
A s*xy gal calld stacey was ere *

shychic2 28.04.09 - 02:48am
yep, i was here.. faint.GIF later all.. *

pink.bbe 28.04.09 - 08:33am
hello.GIF hiya everybody bounce.GIF howz ya all doing? I'm glad i joined this group grin4.GIF it's great hahaha.GIF just leaving me mark.mwah cya laterz peeps x *

warded 16.08.19 - 03:13pm
hello.GIF Sup. *

poppyg 18.07.21 - 06:52am
Good morning dance.GIF *

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