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Subject: engagement
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clijah 20.12.07 - 01:35am
Does long engagement mean badluck? *

toddster 20.12.07 - 01:47am
not really just means that the person or persons either arnt ready to commit or like things how they are. *

hotcake1 8.04.08 - 12:45pm
Means either of u r jokin *

jean143 30.04.08 - 08:12pm
Hey sweetie,long engagement s nt a bdluck,juz dat u r or ur bf s nt yet ready 2 enter into a new life either due 2 unfinish obligati0n or dreams dat nt yet accomplish. Long engagement doesnt mean dat ur partner s nt serious,u need 2 trust hm. Bliev dat da success of relati0nshp lies only bet. u n him. *

guccin 4.06.09 - 11:29am
pumpkin long engagement isnt bd luck da both of u r stil getin usd 2 da whle idea *

funfield 5.06.09 - 09:10am
How many years or months actually an engagement can be classified as long engagement? 3, 6, 9 months or 1, 2 years? Or probably the classification depends on each individual. If that's the case, individuals must go back to their own commitment of when the exact time is to move to the next level of the 'game'. *

funfield 5.06.09 - 09:15am
It doesn't mean a bad luck, it means a lack of discipline. *

neosmith 6.08.09 - 09:28am
does discipline really matters on engagement *

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