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Subject: .: READ before posting :.
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toddster 25.05.08 - 04:23pm
Before you post a new topic please search the topic list first there may already be a topic that you can reply to or find any info you may need so posting a similar topic is pointless and will eventually get deleted.

I support freedom of speech (within reason) all topics are welcome apart from these types racist, religious, hate, , cruelty topics will be deleted and may earn the postee a ban.
Also any promotion topics promoting commercial schemes, other sites, services and the like will also be deleted.
There is a members groups topic in each of my groups please put any groups you want to promote in these topics otherwise your topic will be deleted ,if you want to promote a website or wapsite add your links in the link section or the website topics.
If you find any offensive topics or any topic that is of the above disallowed types please inbox me asap thanks. *

kaks09 24.06.09 - 08:49pm
Amen.this wil strengthen da marriages resulting 2 ones *

funfield 26.06.09 - 12:10pm
i guess it's important for this topic to always be seen by members. *

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