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Subject: ::artwork requests::
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toddster 8/2/2006 - 4:14:54
want a animation or screen saver making for free then leave your request in as much detail as possible in here .
http://surfwap.com/?site=noises free mp3s click here *

xsmylzx 8/27/2006 - 1:07:36
Dint knw which of ya groupz ta leav it in so left it in two em LoL cud ya do me summat cool wi ma username plz tiz for ma phone xx *

stefdag 12/2/2006 - 12:40:23
hi toddy i have a pic request. i want an animated pic if its possible for you. with my nick in it and some special effects lol.like thunders on the background. and that my nick would flash evry second or so.i hope you can do that for me. Thank you:-) *

toddster 4/16/2007 - 1:35:17
sorry about not replying till now i forgot about this topic but its now been bookmarked so i get notified if anyone posts in here, my laptops dead at the moment but please keep your requests coming and ill do them asap *

nikor43 4/26/2007 - 10:42:56
Hiya im gonna start a group called rant n hoped ya cud do of an animated pic of someone letting of steam then the word rant appears.. Wud ya let me know soon as if ya can do it plz.. Thanks *

toddster 5/1/2007 - 2:38:07
just inboxed you nik *

eagleden 9/10/2007 - 8:27:13
Hi toddy. Happy 2 find a grp that is active. I wuld like it if u culd do me a gif of a panther astride an eagle wit reines in one 1hand & a flaming sword in the other swooping thru the sky like avenging angels. Wud appreciate it. Let me no. *

silvedew 16.02.09 - 07:41am
Hya.am lookin for kwl.cake pic-wit wordin tat i cld use to make up my flyers -startin my own hme-bussiness-makin novelity Birthday,an party-cakes,tnx *

gabzy007 27.09.09 - 02:43am
Hi T... i wana make a request to u... can you plz do an amime for me that says gabriel biggi vs chrisbrown? u can use any effect that suits your work. thanks man *

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